NOTICE: Property Fraud Prevention in Cook County


Dear Neighbor,

Homeownership is a source of security for middle-class families. For many, owning a home is their most valuable investment. Homeownership is not only a significant personal investment, but it also helps to build strong neighborhoods that improve the quality of life and safety of entire communities. That is why it is so important to be on the lookout for fraud that can place the security of your home in jeopardy.

Property and recording fraud is one of the fastest-growing crimes affecting homeowners. Swindlers often target homes that are fully paid for and have no mortgage, usually owned by an elderly person who may have no heirs, by filing forged ownership documents with the county recorder. Some victims have returned to their homes to find the door locks have been changed. Others have been approached by con artists who show them fraudulently obtained paperwork stating the home has been turned over to another person.

Without warning, the lives of many local residents have been turned upside-down by this scam, costing them enormous emotional stress and great financial burdens. But you can take steps to help protect yourself.

We would like to inform you about the Cook County Recorder of Deeds’ Property Alert Program. By subscribing to this free program, you are actively participating in the process of protecting your home from fraud and theft. This system monitors your mortgage deed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Free Property Fraud Alert will call or email you any time a document is recorded against your property.

To help protect yourself and your family from property fraud, please call Gloria Orozco in our Constituent Service Office at 708-562-6970 with your Property Index Number (PIN). Our office will register your home online and send you confirmation that you are registered in the program.

If you have any questions about this program or if we can be of any assistance to you, please contact us.


Kathleen Willis

State Representative

77th District