Willis Bill to Keep Dangerous Weapons Away from Harmful Individuals Clears House Committee

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Kathleen Willis, D-Addison, passed legislation through a House Committee this week that would provide more legal resources to prevent gun violence perpetrated by individuals who possess firearms and pose a threat to the safety of themselves and others.

“This legislation is a common sense measure that will protect law enforcement, community residents, and family members of people who may pose a threat to themselves and those around them,” said Willis. “We need to make sure we have proper checks and balances in place in the courts to quickly respond when somebody may be a danger to him or herself and other individuals.”

House Bill 3160 creates a process whereby a relative or loved one may request from the court that when an individual who is shown to demonstrate sufficient evidence they pose a threat to themselves or another person, his or her firearms will be seized. Further, a restriction will be placed on his or her FOID card to prevent the individual from acquiring more guns. The legislation will make it easier for people who are in fear for their safety to seek action and take proactive steps to protect him or herself. If the court makes the determination that the induvial in question does pose a threat to the safety of others, he or she would have a chance to respond in court. Advocates for the bill argue it is needed to create a process for people to take steps to prevent violence before it occurs. Further, supporters agree the measure gives loved ones legal steps they can take to ensure a loved one who is a gun owner and is showing suicidal tendencies is protected.

“This bill is an important step in not only suicide prevention, but overall deterrence to violence,” said Willis. “This bill is a step in trying to provide the legal tools needed to provide greater safety against gun violence.”

Kathleen Willis is serving her second term in the Illinois General Assembly as State Representative of the 77th District, which includes O’Hare Airport and portions of Addison, Bellwood, Bensenville, Franklin Park, Maywood, Melrose Park, Northlake, Stone Park, and Wood Dale.