Willis: Governor and Lawmakers Should Come Together to Support Working Families

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – After listening to Gov. Rauner’s State of the State address, state Rep. Kathleen Willis, D-Addison, called on the governor and lawmakers to focus on compromising in order to build the middle-class. She issued the following statement:

“It is our job to work together and find compromises that benefit area families and the state as a whole. However, the last year has been filled with inflexibility and partisanship, while the governor ignored the state budget and advocated for his anti-working family agenda. We need to put our differences aside and find common ground in order to support our citizens and move our state forward."

“Growth and prosperity cannot be limited to just the well-off. College students, home-bound seniors and women in need of breast and cervical cancer screenings did not create the state’s problems. However they are among the growing group of Illinoisans experiencing the devastating effects of the governor’s unwillingness to compromise. All Illinoisans deserve real opportunities – for jobs, for a better education and for a brighter future. I will continue working to keep the focus on the taxpayers I represent and those individuals who rely on state programs, as they should be central to all of these discussions.”