Willis Celebrates Economic, Cultural Contributions of Museums

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Kathleen Willis, D-Northlake, joined advocates visiting the Capitol last month to promote the vital educational and economic contributions museums make to Illinois and the nation.

“Museums are great contributors to Illinois’ economy and families,” Willis said. “Children and teachers also enjoy boundless opportunities to learn about Illinois’ history, and we should not forget the critical role museums play in our lives.”

Willis participated in the annual Illinois Museum Day to acknowledge the vast contributions museums make across the state. Each year, it is estimated that $2.7 billion is generated in economic activity from tourists who visit local facilities, and nearly 6,500 people are employed by Illinois museums. Across the nation, more than 700,000 people work in a museum and $50 billion in revenue is generated.

“Museums offer the chance to preserve and promote Illinois’ rich and diverse history, with clear economic benefits for everyone,” Willis said. “We should never take Illinois’ history for granted and there is always much to learn from the past to make the future better.”

Pictured above: Rep. Kathy Willis (left) stands with stands with President Abraham Lincoln impersonator, George Buss, during the annual Illinois Museum Day.