Willis Successfully Overrides Five Sponsored Bills Vetoed by Governor Rauner

Press Release…

from the Illinois House of Representatives


Nov. 28, 2018 State Rep. Kathleen Willis


Willis Successfully Overrides Five Sponsored Bills Vetoed by Governor Rauner

NORTHLAKE, Ill. –State Rep. Kathleen Willis, D-Addison, was successful in overriding five sponsored bills that were vetoed by Governor Rauner. Willis’ House Bill 126, 127, 5221 and Senate Bill 2619, 2629 received bipartisan support to achieve the overrides.

Willis’s House Bill 126 and 127 change the definition of firefighter to include paramedics and emergency medical technicians. This will give paramedics and emergency medical technicians more protection under current labor laws.

Willis’ House Bill 5221 extends the job protections that other public safety officials receive while injured on the job to paramedics and firefighters who perform paramedic duties.

“Paramedics do not pick and choose what calls to respond to when somebody calls 911,” said Willis. “We need to let them know that we support these brave men and women and that if they are hurt, they will be protected and so will their families.”

Senate Bill 2629 amends the Open Meetings Act. Provides training specifications for elected and appointed board members of fire districts.

Senate Bill 2619 provides training requirements for Fire Chiefs.

Governor Rauner, this year vetoed or did an amendatory veto on a record number of bills, a total of 78. All five of these vetoes were overridden with bipartisan support.

Willis is serving her third term in the Illinois General Assembly as State Representative of the 77th District, which includes O’Hare Airport and portions of Addison, Bellwood, Bensenville, Franklin Park, Maywood, Melrose Park, Northlake, Stone Park, and Wood Dale