Rep. Willis condemns the proliferation of gun sanctuary counties

NORTHLAKE, Ill. – State Rep. Kathleen Willis, D-Addison has filed a state resolution to counter the wave of local

declarations establishing “gun sanctuary counties.”

“I have been deeply concerned by the actions of several county boards in Illinois that have passed resolutions declaring that they will prohibit the enforcement of new gun laws passed by the General Assembly,” said Willis. “County board members are required to take an oath of office that includes a vow to uphold the Constitution of the State of Illinois. Instead, some are passing resolutions intended to set aside legitimate state law.”

The resolution challenges the legitimacy of county declarations and names each county action as a “shameless political stunt which undermines the rule of law and threatens the safety of all Illinois citizens.”

The full text of HR 1197 is here:

WHEREAS, Gun violence is an epidemic in America and in Illinois, touching all parts of the State; and

WHEREAS, The legislative and executive branches of the State have lawfully regulated guns and gun trafficking; and

WHEREAS, The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of reasonable state gun violence prevention regulations; Conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito stated in the McDonald decision that state "experimentation with reasonable firearms regulations will continue under the Second Amendment"; and

WHEREAS, President Trump's administration appears to be willfully ignoring the problem of gun violence in America, and at the same time, is attempting to coerce municipal police forces into diverting their resources towards harassing immigrant populations; some municipalities have lawfully opposed having their local law enforcement used for such purposes and have been dubbed "sanctuary cities"; and

WHEREAS, Some counties in Illinois have erroneously tried to liken the cause of a sanctuary city with opposition to gun violence prevention measures by declaring themselves "gun sanctuary counties", thereby declaring their intention to refuse to enforce any gun safety measures lawfully passed by the State with which they disagree; and

WHEREAS, These counties are trying to use those lawful sanctuary cities as an excuse to unlawfully ignore important,

democratically-implemented, state laws; and

WHEREAS, These so-called "gun sanctuary counties" are nothing more than scofflaw counties, usurping the judiciary and role of separation of powers in our government, while openly encouraging criminal behavior; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE ONE HUNDREDTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we condemn these scofflaw counties and declare their attempts to label themselves as "gun sanctuaries" as an unconstitutional and shameless political stunt which undermines the rule of law and threatens the safety of all Illinois citizens.