Rep. Willis and County Sheriff offer shredding and recycling event

NORTHLAKE, Ill. – State Rep. Kathleen Willis, D-Addison, is joining the Cook County Sheriff’s Office for a community paper shredding and recycling day. This free event is open to residents who wish to responsibly dispose of sensitive documents and other recyclable items.

“This free event is one way that you can take action to protect yourself and your community environment,” said Rep. Willis. “I’m looking forward to giving residents the opportunity to shield themselves from identity theft and keep recyclable items out of landfills at the same event.”

What to bring:

Bank statements, tax returns, bills, receipts, credit card applications, medical records, magazines, electronics, prescription drugs and up to two cardboard boxes.

Where to bring it:

Rep. Willis’ Constituent Service Office at 112 N. Wolf Rd., Northlake, Illinois

Saturday, July 14th, 9:00am-12:00pm