House Dems Question Why Rauner Didn’t Share Gun Bill Rewrite with Bipartisan Working Group

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – House Democratic members of the working group convened by Gov. Bruce Rauner to discuss changes needed to reduce gun violence are questioning the governor’s amendatory veto of legislation intended to crack down on assault rifles. State Rep. Kathleen Willis, D-Addison, who serves on the panel, released the following statement Tuesday:

“In the wake of the Parkland tragedy—the latest in a seemingly endless string of senseless gun violence targeting our children—Governor Rauner formed the Legislative Public Safety Group. My House Democratic colleagues and I have participated in this process to ensure the conversation is geared toward common ground and real change; we will not allow a task force to be a substitute for action, or provide cover for a governor who is unwilling to stand up to his political base.

“The governor’s latest actions show he is again putting politics ahead of policy. At no point did the governor share the proposals included in his amendatory veto with the task force he convened specifically to work on this issue. It is utterly perplexing that his approach to an issue that has continually divided Republicans and Democrats is to veto a bipartisan bill and insert new language without input from his own bipartisan working group.

“Tellingly, the governor’s office has even admitted that this amendatory veto is not going anywhere. It’s clear that the governor’s goal is not to create consensus but to scutter it, and not to enact reform but to defend a status quo for which our children pay the price.”

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