Willis Appointed to Legislative Public Safety Group

NORTHLAKE, Ill. – Following efforts to start a task force aimed at creating a comprehensive approach to public safety issues in Illinois, state Rep. Kathleen Willis, D-Addison, was recently appointed to the General Assembly’s Legislative Public Safety Group.

“As I talk to constituents throughout my district, one of the number one concerns on people’s minds is public safety,” said Willis. “Whether it is the issue of gun violence, gangs, or the shootings on area expressways, people are demanding their elected officials take action.”

Willis’ appointment followed Governor Bruce Rauner’s request of legislative leaders in the House and Senate to appoint legislators to serve on the newly established Legislative Public Safety Group. The mission of this group is to engage with local law enforcement, fire agencies and community officials to improve public safety. The group will work to address subject matters pertaining to:

• School safety;

• Mental health;

• Interstate Crime Prevention Network;

• Repeat gun offenders;

• Concentrated crime force deployments; and

• Economic revitalization.

“The issue of public safety is too big for one party to decree a remedy,” said Willis. “Addressing the issue of public safety is going to require collaboration and innovation that will only come about by working together, getting the experts in the room, and looking at the data of what works.”

For more information, please contact Rep. Willis’ full-time constituent service office by calling 708-562-6970 or by emailing RepWillis77@gmail.com.