Willis Recognizes Advocates for Passage of Common-Sense Gun Measures; Urges Rauner to Sign Bills

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Kathleen Willis, D-Addison, released the following statement urging Governor Rauner to sign common-sense gun legislation:

“The Illinois House last week passed bills that would raise the age and increase the waiting period to purchase assault weapons. Additionally, the General Assembly passed legislation that would create more oversight of gun dealers throughout the state by requiring these businesses to secure their stores and maintain security measures.

“The “Gun Dealer Licensing” bill, as it came to be called, has been the culmination of years of work. As the primary sponsor of the bill in the House, I wanted to say that this vital piece of legislation is the result of many advocates working tirelessly for years to gain the support to eventually pass the bill.

“Without the help of advocates like the members of “Moms Demand Action” and G-PAC, this legislation would have never crossed the finished line. The passage of these common-sense gun control measures demonstrates a pathway for gun reform that must be continued.

“The gun lobby is strong in Springfield, but the past week has shown that when people mobilize and organize around an issue as vital as gun safety, they can gather the momentum needed to pass history-making legislation.

“But there is still more work that needs to be done. I urge every resident of Illinois who wants commonsense gun legislation to become law of the land to call Governor Rauner and urge him to sign these measurers into law immediately.

“There are more pieces of legislation left to be addressed, and the Gun Dealer Licenses act is now on Governor Bruce Rauner’s desk. Advocates need to continue to call their elected officials and urge them to act in the interest of the safety of their constituencies.

“Admist the continued work, advocates should know their voices are being heard, and they should take pride in the vitally important work that they’re doing.”